Custom Home Builder


As a custom home builder, our goal is to implement everything envisioned for you in the
architectural and design stages, into the final build. Our project management, and streamlined
process between architects, designers, and builders ensures that every detail of your house’s
layout, materials and functionality are brought to life. On the backend, we deal with logistics of
planning, scheduling, and managing the day-to-day steps of building your home. Our expertise
in handling all these moving parts in each build upholds our commitment to meeting project
deadlines. Our industry connections and construction acumen give our final builds high quality,
whether it be structural or finished materials. Our goal is to create homes that not only look
good but are built to last.

Our custom home construction services include interior designers as well as architectural
designs, but we welcome any clients already partnered with a designer or architect to work
with us as well. Our focus when building your home is to ensure convenience, transparency,
and communication between these groups, and we pride ourselves as being a team-oriented
firm, servicing our clients’ dreams.


Custom Home Builder

Our design and build services allow us to create custom homes that are both functional and beautiful, all completed on time and on budget. We specialize in responsive service and high quality design by working closely with our clients, listening to their needs, and understanding their goals.


The design-build process brings together homeowners, builders, architects, and designers, under one roof. The process simplifies the management and communication of the groups, allowing for a more productive and efficient building process. Our design-build team shares the same values, plans, and industry knowledge, and as such, allows us to serve our clients better than other models. Further, the design-build process gives our homeowners the peace-of-mind in knowing that the Amrami team deals with all matters. For over twenty years Amrami Design + Build has been operating as a design-build firm, and the process has exceeded our clients’ expectations at every turn.

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