With our design + build process we create homes that are both functional and beautiful, all completed on
time and on budget. We specialize in responsive service and high quality design by working closely with
our clients, listening to their needs, and understanding their goals.



Our introductory meeting with clients serves to discuss your goals and vision for building your dream home. Any points of interest, design-inspirations, and livable requirements are taken note of, and incorporated into our schematic sets. From there, we ask further questions to ensure we have all the details needed before sending over instructions to our architects. We also take time to discuss cost estimates and budgeting, to set the correct expectations before moving forward.


After meeting with the architect and communicating on behalf of the client the goals and requirements, we present a plan to our client, which explains in detail all the dimensions, rooms, and layouts that are envisioned and interpreted in the architectural plans. Our process as far as using architects or designers of your choice is flexible.


After architectural plans are submitted, plans are approved and the permits are received, we begin our construction journey. We believe it is important for you to focus on the big picture while our team handles the details. We lead the way from coordination of permit approval, interior space planning, material selection, and crew mobilization and scheduling.


Our skilled team starts right to work, from demolition to finishes and we supervise each element before moving on to the next step. We eliminate communication breakdowns, deliver regular updates and high-level responsiveness. Leveraging our industry connections allows us to reach project deadlines far faster, especially when operating as both designer and builder. We approach and tend to each home with diligence and care, ensuring that each step of the build process is closely monitored and implemented carefully.


Our clients, during stage 1-4 have met with our design times multiple times to discuss and decide the aesthetic layouts and touches that their house will have for the interior design. The design team facilitates planning the interior layout, specific details, and overall vision for your home. We are there to direct you in finding the perfect elements to make your vision become a reality. Our design team works with you on everything from flooring selection, tile, cabinets, lighting, furniture, to virtually anything else that will be in the home of your dreams.


Inspection by the city and our final walkthrough come as the final steps in delivering your home. We provide a professional cleanup right before unveiling your move-in ready home. Our services and commitment to clients stays far after you move in. Each home we build has a warranty, and we proactively reach out to you regarding your home to ensure that it remains in tip-top condition.


We really enjoyed working with them.
The process with The Amrami Design + Build Group was very transparent and they were sure to prioritize the customer needs to deliver beyond expectation!



There are many questions that will come up when you are
considering building a home or remodeling a living space. We
want to provide you with all of the answers you need to help you bring your
dream home into reality.


We have a proven process that’s been fine-tuned over 20 years. To get all the details, view our process and see how the magic happens.
Yes. We’ll work with you to come up with a payment plan that works for your family and budget.
Of course. We collaborate closely with architects and designers who you want to help build your dream home. If you need suggestions on professionals to work with, we have strong relationships around Chicago that we can bring onto the project.
Absolutely. When you invest in a high-end custom home, you deserve complete peace of mind. We offer a warranty unparalleled in the industry. We’re able to extend this guarantee because our clients rarely use it: our homes are built to last.
That depends on the nature of your build. Timeframes vary widely based on the complexity of the project. But one thing never changes: our commitment to deadlines. You can expect to walk into your finished home on the calendar date we set (or earlier). We are on time, on schedule, and on budget — every time.

Yes! Homeowners associate excellent design and quality materials with sky-high costs, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are several ways we achieve the luxury look you want without creating unnecessary financial stress:


  • Our experience + connections enable us to come up with in-house solutions that successfully duplicate luxury looks at a fraction of the cost.
  • We’re able to get our client’s affordable options that look anything but affordable.

We can discuss the other ways we help you get more for less during your free consultation.

Yes. Custom homes are our specialty, but we do kitchens, bathroom, extensions and smaller-scale renovations as well.
Absolutely — that’s why we’re here. We’ll go with you to every showroom to offer our best recommendations and help you make decisions you’ll feel great about for years to come.

Yes, that’s part of our process. Even before we start creating the plans, we will:

  • Ensure the land you’re buying has the appropriate soil to build on
  • Advise you on allowable square footage for additions or new home builds
  • Work with local building departments to ensure that what you have in mind is compliant with city codes
  • Clarify the specifications of your lot zoning.
  • Once we’ve ascertained the zoning laws that allow for your build, we’ll take care of all permits and approvals.
Yes. We’ve built dozens of community centers, offices, and commercial spaces across the greater Chicago area. Commercial spaces need to last for decades — and we’re able to ensure that through superior craftsmen who’ve worked with us for decades and exclusive use of brand-name, high-quality materials.

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