Amrami’s comprehensive set of services, led by accomplished subject matter experts, means that you’ll have a team that truly works together. You’ll be able to save time and resources through our collaborative efforts. This also means we can provide informed and insightful guidance that addresses your individual needs. Here’s how we start:

Free consultation — Whether you want to build a tree house for the kids or a new home, we’d like to meet with you to discuss your project. We will be your advisors, consultants, designers, and builders.

Project feasibility — We’ll be asking lots of question to determine the scope of your project including timing, budget, and design expectations. Once we understand what you want to do, we’ll also:

  • Work with local building departments to ensure that what you have in mind is compliant with city codes.
  • Advise you on allowable square footage for additions or new home builds
  • Help you assess the value pre- and post-project completion
  • Ensure the land you are buying has the appropriate soil to build on
  • Consult and advice so you can be certain with your purchase

Architect selection — Whether you decide to engage one of our preferred architects or have someone else in mind, we can help you with your selection. We work with a diverse range of architects on a regular basis and have the experience to help you select one that can best fulfill your vision. By assembling the best possible team for your project, you’ll be able to save time and money as we quickly move through the design phase and on to the build.