Below you’ll find answers to the questions we most frequently get asked about from clients starting a construction project

Will you be able to meet our budget and building requirements?

The short answer: yes. For the most part, people associate excellent design and quality materials with very high costs. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There are several ways that we achieve the look you want, in the space you need and within your budget. Firstly, we don’t mark up materials, (or labor, or anything else for that matter). Secondly, our in-house design expertise enables us to give our customers affordable options that look anything but affordable. We can discuss the other ways we help you get more for less during your free consultation.

How can we make the building process as smooth as possible?

There’s no one answer, it’s more of a combination of many actions you should take for a great experience and the outcome you expect. Below are some suggestions to consider that may help you achieve the smooth build you want.

Be informed — We encourage our clients to do their own bit of research on the cost of things including materials and services. Everything adds up, especially if you’re considering working with a builder that works on a cost-plus basis. If you know your stuff, you can negotiate better and understand the value of what you are or aren’t getting. While Amrami does not mark up any of the materials or services we source — we work on a fee-based model — if you’ve done your homework, you get the comfort of knowing we did in fact get you the best deal!

Validate experience — If you have a builder in mind, or a few, make sure to visit a cross selection of their past projects. You’ll be able to assess if the style they build in matches your expectations for your own home. You may also try and speak with the homeowners themselves to hear from them about their personal experience.

Select a fitting plot of land — You probably already have a fairly good idea of what your home will look like, its approximate size and the various amenities you would like it to feature. You’ll need to make sure that the land you’ve selected to build your home can accommodate the home you’d like to build. Prior to buying a plot of land, many of our clients ask us to view the property to ensure that it is in fact suitable for their new home. It’s all part of the service we enjoy providing.